The following pages contain responses to several questions that we are often asked. While this information has been prepared to be informative and helpful, it is not intended to replace the legal documents.

Please read this booklet in conjunction with your legal documents.

We have tried to make our Questions and Answers as clear as possible, however if you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to ask any of our Management Team.

Thanks you for allowing us to share Blue Hills Rise with you.

Jodie Mitchell


Blue Hills Residences Pty Ltd.







Why should I consider a move to Blue Hills Rise?

Blue Hills Rise is a place where you can feel safe and secure. A place where friendships can be formed, where you make your own lifestyle choices, whether it be a session of gym, a game of bowls, a hit of golf, a swim in our pool or a game of tennis. Relax with family and friends in the privacy of your own back yard.

What age do I have to be?

Either yourself, your spouse/partner must be at least 55 years young or retired from full time employment.

Can I still work if I live at Blue Hills Rise?

Yes, you most certainly can continue to work as long as you are over 55. The only requirement is that you do not use your unit or the community facilities as place of business.

Is the Village a Member of the Property Council of Australia – Retirement Living Council(RVA)?

Blue Hills Rise is a member of the Property Council of Australia – Retirement Living (RVA).

What upfront costs will I incur when I enter into a loan/lease agreement with Blue Hills Rise?

Currently there is no stamp duty costs associated with entering into a loan/lease agreement. However, if there were to be a change in legislation any stamp duty payable would be the responsibility of the purchaser, just like buying a home anywhere else.

When moving into Blue Hills Rise you will incur some of the normal costs associated with moving, namely:

  • Your solicitors fees incurred when entering into the loan/lease agreement
  • Carrier and furniture removal costs
  • There are no connection fees for telephone, gas and electricity

For your protection, it is our suggestion that you seek your own solicitor’s advice. This will help ensure you make the correct decision. We also recommend that you ask your solicitor if they have a good understanding of Retirement Villages and the Victorian Retirement Villages Act.

How common are lease arrangements in retirement villages?

Lease arrangements are just as common as title based schemes.

Are the entry contribution arrangements for loan/lease arrangements different to entry contributions for title based villages?

The Retirement Villages Act 1986 (“the Act”) does not regulate the amount of entry contributions that a retirement village may charge, nor does it regulate the amount of deferred fees that a retirement village may charge. The village sets its own entry contributions and deferred fees. It is common for retirement villages to have exactly the same entry contribution and deferred fee arrangements regardless of whether the village has a title based scheme or a loan/lease scheme. The only difference is that in a title based scheme the resident has freehold title to their unit, rather than a lease.

What is the deferred management fee charge?

The deferred management fee is the return to the owner for the investment that the company has made in establishing Blue Hills, providing the infrastructure such as roads, the club, the pool and other recreational and social facilities. It is essentially a delay in payment of the true market price by the resident until they leave the village.

Delaying the fee until leaving allows the resident access to more of their funds earlier, so they can enjoy their lifestyle.

On the resale of your unit Blue Hills deducts the deferred management fee. This is calculated on the purchase price of your unit and it is 3% per year capped at 10 years. You will also receive on the sale of your unit 50% of any capital gain.

Who pays the legal fees?

As is the case of all other Victorian Retirement Villages, the purchaser pays the legal fees for both Blue Hills Residences Pty Ltd and for themselves. Blue Hills Residences Pty Ltd legal fees are approximately $1089.77 if you decide not to go ahead with the purchase our legal fees are still applicable in that situation. Blue Hills Residences Pty Ltd legal fees are approximately $551.10, if you change your mind within the initial 28 day period, or approximately $1000 if you withdraw after the 28 days, by which time loan lease agreements will have been drawn up.

Do I get a title to my unit?

No, Blue Hills is not a strata titled village.  All units are purchased under a loan/lease arrangement. These arrangements in Victoria are just as common as title based schemes. One of the big advantages of this arrangement is that stamp duty is not payable on your purchase.

Can I lease out my unit?

No, to preserve the community nature of Blue Hills, and in accordance with your contract, letting and leasing of your unit is not permitted.

How can I reserve a unit at Blue Hills Rise?

To reserve a unit at Blue Hills Rise, we allow a seven (7) day hold on your chosen unit. If you wish to proceed from there, we require a $1000.00 deposit (Cash or Cheque) and the SOLD sign will go up on your chosen unit.

Upon receipt of a unit deposit, we will write out two receipts. One is given to the purchasers and the other is forwarded to our Solicitor after the compulsory three day cooling off period expires.

When purchasing a new unit we allow a six month period in which to sell your existing home.

How do I sell my unit?

If you wish to sell your unit for any reason we can help you.  We will market your unit for you via our waiting lists, websites and advertising campaigns. Together we will set the sale price.  If you chose to sell through Blue Hills we will charge you an agent’s fee of 2.5% of the sale price.

You can of course elect to sell your unit through an outside real estate agent, the choice is yours.

Who are the Owner and Manager?

The owner of Blue Hills Rise is Blue Hills Residences Pty Ltd (ACN 095837915), this is a sole director company, and the company director is Judith Clarkson AM. The executives and key personnel of Blue Hills Residences Pty Ltd have been involved in the retirement industry for many years and their expertise will ensure that Blue Hills Rise remains at the forefront of retirement living concepts.

The Manager is an individual employed by Blue Hills Residences Pty Ltd. The Manager is David Morison. David has been with the company since 2004. David holds a diploma of Administration Management, Level 2 First Aid and other industry qualifications.

What is the time frame for completion of the Village?

The village will be completed in 14 stages; this will include the Prestwick 6 Golf Course.

Am I allowed to bring my pet with me?

Existing pets are most welcome to take up residence at Blue Hills Rise. Large pets are most likely not suitable for the smaller style living options of the Stephanie Apartments.

What Chattels are included in the units/apartments?

Split System Air Conditioning and Ducted Gas heating will be installed to all Independent Living Units. All ILU’s will have appliances including the very easy to access electric fan force wall oven. Other appliances include a gas cook top, range hood exhaust, dishwasher and clothes dryer. If purchasing an apartment a front loader washing machine will also be included.

Are soft furnishings included?

Carpets and curtains are included. Where colours have not already been chosen for the unit, you have your own choice of colours and fabrics a full range is available for viewing in our Sales Office.

Can I make internal changes to me home?

During construction you are more than welcome to request additional tiling, carpet, power points or TV points. All additions to the home are to be paid directly to the building company Bevnol Home under their terms of the variation contract.

What is included outside?

Our experienced garden team will landscape your rear private yard including the placement of plants and pathways, your front streetscape will also be landscaped and a letterbox provided. Privacy between neighbours will be created with stylish colour bond fences. An under roof line Alfresco Entertainment Area is included in the units floor plan. Blue Hills Rise, will arrange for the delivery of two bins to your unit, Green for house hold waste and Blue for Recycling.

How big will my back yard be?

The minimum backyard length is 4 meters from edge of brick work.

What security features are included?

Lockable security doors – front & back, all fly screens, window locks on all windows. A monitored intruder alarm and smoke detector system is standard with the emergency assist system. Emergency response is given when any of the call buttons throughout the Unit are pressed. Blue Hills Rise is secured overnight with front gates automatically closing at 9.00pm and reopening at 6.00am, access to the village after hours will be via remote control.

What will the weekly service fee cost me?

The service fee for the 2020/21 financial year is $108.57 per couple or $98.50 per single inc gst. The service fee may only be adjusted in accordance with the Retirement Villages Act. It is adjusted once per year on the 1st of July. Generally this increase is in accordance with CPI.

What does the service fee cover?

The service fee will cover External maintenance, mowing of lawns, monitoring of the emergency call system, use of all village facilities, external building insurance, street lighting and public liability insurance, operational staffing costs and administration costs, supply and operational costs of Blue Hills Vehicles. Please review the Loan / Lease documents for other areas covered by the Service Fee.

Does the service fee include Council rates?

No, the rates are assessed independently from the City of Casey and are based on the market value of your unit. The rates below are only an estimation of the expected rates and may alter without notification. Rates are payable by the resident.

Courtney                     $1300.00 (approx)

Camilla                       $1750.00     “

Allison                         $1500.00     “

Annaleise                    $1400.00     “

Madeleine                   $2050.00     “

Stephanie Apartment  $1150.00     “

A Pensioner discount is available to eligible residents.

What security do I have to ensure that I will receive a refund of their contribution balance when I want to sell, given that there is no title to the unit?

Pursuant to the Act, a statutory charge is automatically created over the whole retirement village land to secure the refund of the balance of the resident’s entry contribution. The charge is a first charge over the land and ranks in priority to all other encumbrances over the title. If the resident did not receive a refund to which they are entitled, the resident could apply to the Supreme Court for the sale of the retirement village land in order to obtain the refund. Residents of Blue Hills will have the additional security pursuant to the loan/lease arrangement that the resident will receive a refund of the balance of their entry contribution when a new contribution is paid for the unit (i.e. when a new resident moves in to the unit and pays the resale price). Accordingly, the new resident cannot move in to the unit until the outgoing resident has received the refund of their contribution.

Is there wheelchair access to all units?

Yes. Bedroom doors are 820mm wide and the front door width is 1000mm. All Independent Living Units have a zero threshold, which means the house has no step at any external door way to the front of the unit.

Can I modify my unit as I am in a wheelchair?

All Apartments and Independent living units have been designed as adaptable housing which allows wheelchair access and living. The front entrance door is a pivot design and is 1 metre in width, the main bedroom and ensuite have been fitted with extra wide doorways to allow easy access for emergency services, wheelchairs and walker trolleys.

The bathrooms have been constructed with extra anchor points to walls so handrails may be added at a later period if the need arises. Each unit has a designated disabled toilet, giving you even suitability when going from a sitting to standing position.

How many emergency call points are there in the unit?

A minimum of three (3) in each unit including the telephone. A pendant will be activated to function with your emergency assist system; this pendant will give you peace of mind when within your home.

What technology is included?

The Blue Hills Rise phone systems have been purchased in bulk and therefore we are able to offer free internal phone calls between residents within Blue Hills Rise and Blue Hills Residences. Line rental and phone calls are at a reduced rate.

When moving in what Utilities do I need to arrange?

Blue Hills Rise uses its purchasing power to bulk buy Electricity. Each individual unit will have an independent electricity meter, and Blue Hills Rise in conjunction with a licensed metre reader will read and distribute the bills monthly. All residents reserve the option to use an alternative electricity supplier; however the cost of the connection and the replacement of the meter must be borne by them (the resident).

Forms for the transfer of names for services including South East Water and Gas Supplier are included in your move in pack; you do not need to arrange anything until you have settled in. Your telephone and internet (if requested) will be connected during the building process, and these are controlled by Blue Hills Rise and will be in your name already.

If I need emergency assistance, who will monitor the Emergency Assist System?

The village manager will monitor the 24 Hour Emergency Assist. The manager is situated within two minutes of the village at Blue Hills Residences. All staff members in charge of the Assist System must by law have a minimum of Level 2 First Aid.

When the emergency call is activated, it will register on a mobile phone carried by the Manager or Staff Member on Duty. On receipt of the SMS, staff will immediately phone through to the unit to assess whether the alarm is valid or simply a false alarm. Smoke detectors and alarms are hard wired and also alarm through to the phone if activated.

 What additional medical Services do you offer?

Dr. Sam Auteri from Casey Medical Centre visits Blue Hills Rise every Thursday. He is also available for house calls on this day.

Additional care services can be arranged via local services, in consultation with yourself and family, management will endeavour to help were possible with setting up these services.

Is there an Aged Care Facility on site?

No, the nearest is Langford Grange which is situated inside Blue Hills Residence’s gates but it is not owned or operated by Blue Hills.  It is a 120 bed fully accredited aged care facility that offers a mix of high care, low care, dementia specific care, and respite care.

Living at Blue Hills Rise does not guarantee you automatic entry into Langford Grange.  Each resident wanting to move to an aged care facility must first be assessed to determine the level of care required, and then the government rules on priority of access are applied.  For any further information on Langford Grange, or to organise a tour please contact them directly on 5995 5693.

What additional services and care options do you offer?

It is our expectation that as much as possible you will maintain your independent living status. Blue Hills offers a regular bus service in to Cranbourne for those residents that no longer drive.

Do I have a say in what goes on in Blue Hills Rise?

Of course you have a say in what goes on in and around Blue Hills Rise. You could join the MAC – Resident Committee, the Social Committee, the Bowls Committee or any other committee that interests you.  All committees meet regularly and reports from each committee are given at the Residents quarterly meetings.

What is the closest church service?

The Chapel at Blue Hills Residences is available for all residents, their family and guests.  A weekly church service is held every Sunday. The Chapel is also available for the general public to hire for Weddings and funerals.

Who is allowed to use the community facilities?

The community facilities are available for all residents and their families and guest.  All residents are required to supervise guests when using the facilities.

The cafe and restaurant is open to the public. .

The pool is available for residents, their families and guest. The facilities are available 6am till 10pm daily.

What facilities are available at Blue Hills?

Our Club includes:

Heated indoor pool / Spa                                Gymnasium                             Hairdresser                                                       Medical suite                                      Library                                                               Billiard Room                                      Cinema                                                               Indoor Bowls                           Dance Floor                                                       Licensed Bar                           Restaurant                                                         Cafe                                                       Lounge areas                                                    Tennis court                                   Art & Craft facilities                                        Table Tennis                                BBQ facilities                                                     Caravan storage                                Bowling Green

Can I have family or Friends stay with me at Blue Hills?

Of course, Blue Hills Rise is your home. Your family and friends are welcome to visit anytime and they are also welcome to use the facilities, as long as you accompany them.  If your visitors are staying for any length of time we ask you let the manager know for security reasons.

I don’t have a car, how will I get around?

Blue Hills Rise is set approximately 3km’s from Cranbourne Main Street. The Blue Hills Bus is available 5 days a week (Mon to Fri) at 9.45am for two hours of shopping at the Cranbourne Park Shopping Centre or Shopping on Clyde.

A regular public bus service operates every 20 minutes just outside the village.

Is there a Local Shopping Centre?

Yes, Shopping on Clyde is adjacent to Blue Hills Rise on Berwick-Cranbourne Road, Clyde. The village has direct access to the shopping centre via the east end gate.

What happens if I want to travel?

Just have a wonderful time.

Many of our residents travel for extended periods of time, especially the caravan owners.  Blue Hills Rise will collect your mail for you and either forward it to you or keep it safe until your return.  We will monitor your intrusion alarm, mow your lawns, everything will be taken care of for you.

Please note service fees will continue to be payable in your absence.

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